Cornelia Lautemann

Few Words About Us


Cornelia Lautemann, is a German/Guinea fashion designer and founder of CaPaLee, a label formed from the first two letters of her 3 kid’s names: Cattleya, Paulina and Leo Karl.
Cornelia got her burining desire for creating beautiful designs and a flay for fashion from her mum. She remember as a kid watching her mum dress up in wonderful and colorful Ankara fabrics with some outstanding accessories like hats & jewelries.  She always used to mix beautifully African and European styles.
Cornelia worked as a PR consultant for a global advertising and marketing company based in Qatar. Her passion for fashion still continued behind the scene, as she did her PR job. However, her inspiration to create her own fashion line came in 2011 from a client she manages their advertising, after the client pleasantly admired the outfit she wore to the meeting.
CaPaLee label was launched in 2018.  It creates elegance style with a combination of  Ankara fabric, Silk , Chiffon and Adiré that  provide for all kind of occasions: everyday outfit, work, wedding, special occasions, party after party, you name it….    The online shop offers African modern styles, accessories and needs for Women, Men and children, at affordable prices.
The style and colorful patterns of Cornelia’s collections always have a way of making people look sexy and astonishingly pretty.    Recently during the Berlin fashion week series 22, her models walked the runway clothed in her Adiré which mean’s Tie & dye made by Yoruba Women & Man in Nigeria and Silk & Chiffon material.  Some of the models had this to say, “… We Love the material it is smooth and comfortable on the skin”  “The design is Beautiful ” ” Perfect for the summer “.